Following the main street....
This is the easiest way from one end of sea-front Kolimbari to the other.  Unlike the sea-side promenades in the UK, and many other places, Kolimbari has the buildings between the sea and the main thoroughfare.  That's Greek.  But very nice as it separates the traffic from the tavernas, the beach, and you.

Kolimbari x-roads, war memorial, bear left. Seafront Tavernas on right.

First half of the main street - sea front Kolimbari

There are five tavernas, a gift shop, a unisex hairdressers and directly facing you at the top a very old, genuine and very Cretan Kafenion.  Men only but then Cretan chivalry being what it is I have seen at least one lady having a drink outside.  An original experience which you might never be able to re-live.  Try it - but don't look for the juke-box.

Gift shop, news stand, foreign language news, magazines, books.

The first gift shop, on the left walking up the street towards the kafenion sells, in common with it's peers, just about everything.  Ice cream; cold drinks; air beds; Sun creams; leather goods; ceramics; jewelry; postcards; paperbacks; magazines and newspapers in several different languages.  English, German and of course Greek languages predominate.  I like the jewelry - it's typical of all Cretan gift-shops but my daughter likes ear-rings.  This guy has a very excellent selection at good prices.
The second and newest gift shop on the street is 'Elaia'.   Standing on the right side of the street opposite the post office.  Fairly new they don't yet sell everything but have a good selection of pottery, some of which you won't find in the other shops.  They also sell books on Crete; guidebooks; cookery books; maps and very useful being so near the post office, postcards.

Gift shop 'Elaia' sells traditional pottery, jewelry, postcards, woven goods. books.