Walking into the sea-front...
The first part of the road into sea-front Kolimbari, between the Hotel Taverna Lefka, the local co-op store and the war memorial at the bottom of the road is distinctly uninspiring right now.  A once narrow quarter-mile strip of pot-holed tarmac lined with old Tamarisk trees now looks a bit like a modern building site!  A newish wide tarmac strip with modern pavements and scattered development along the edges doesn't really seem an improvement.
Although the old steel-fenced co-op building looks like a white-washed prison with a redundant exercise yard (in WWII the German forces used it as a goal!) it has already lost some of the original buildings in preparation for future developments.  Meanwhile, it is the main local source of the famous Kolimbari olive oil, reputed to be one of the best in the world.  It is also an excellent example of an original co-op store - Cretan style. Old Kolimbari Co-op Buildings.
New fishing museum under construction. Kolimbari, Chania, Crete. Moving down a few hundred yards - the large construction on the right isn't a mistake, it is a developing EEC sponsored museum dedicated to the history of the fishing industry.  I'm going to be one of the first in there when it opens.
Across the road is a modern bar/cafe with a small taverna next door.  These are very popular with the younger local population and the only drawback seems to be the parking on both sides of the road outside.  The local and very original police station is a hundred metres or so further down on the right and is typical.  Cretan police are strictly non-oppressive, though they will arrest you and take you away if necessary!
Kolimbari Police Station. The original police station with friendly police - but be warned, things like drink-driving and drugs will result in swift justice which is, unlike the UK, almost immediate.  But if you need help, don't hesitate to ask a policeman.  Remember also that there are special tourist police.  Tel 112 will get you to special emergency service operators who speak both English and French - 24 hrs 7days.
The new pavements really are an improvement.  The old tree-lined road seemed pretty and romantic only if you didn't have to spend time dodging traffic or falling into the pot-holes while walking to or from the sea-front area.....  Very soon you will see this road as a spacious modern addition to this part of Kolimbari.  And notice the young Tamarisk trees planted at intervals in the pavements - the romance wasn't forgotten!